Our Story

Hi, I am Xavier and I am a Reiki Master Teacher, a Spiritual Hypnotherapist and a Therapeutic Coach and Author and I help people who want to discover their truest selves, live a life of authenticity and recognise the power that lies within them.

This work requires digging up some skeletons, thoroughly looking at ourselves in mirrors and realising how much we get in our own way.

For me, I was not always living my best life nor was I taking care of myself, recognising my boundaries and implementing them or utilising any kind of tool in a tool belt I def used to light up my Friday night cigs.

Before I really understood how to handle my emotions or my circumstance and really move through it, I tried multiple avenues of self-destruction. The worst of which really began in my twenties.

In fact, 10 years ago I was drowning myself in drugs and alcohol and surrounding myself with all types of decisions that weren’t the best for my true authentic being. I wasn’t being the best person for myself. Working an insane number of hours at a job that wasn’t quite the proper fit for me, and losing myself in the toxins that were readily available for me to drown out my spark.

Sure, I thoroughly enjoyed the environment as I was helping run a psychiatric care ward and was working my first “adult human” but deep down I was unfulfilled with the system of the state and with myself.

Then, one of my best friends died of a horrible car accident. And I lost my “adult human “job, and for a awhile everything got worse.

Then I decided I could not live this way any longer. There had to be more to life that drowning in my anger and sorrows, partying all the time and just living day to day. Each morning when I woke up, I was overwhelmed with the emotion that things needed to change, there had to be more to life than this.

I started going to therapy and was put on medication for my emotional “issues”. I went to this therapy with an amazing counsellor for 5 long years. During that time, I changed jobs a few times, got clean and continued working in Mental Health and eventually Domestic Violence while I got a degree from University. Once I graduated, I got myself off the medications under a doctor’s supervision and proceeded to delve into sober, clear headed Personal and Spiritual Development.

I spent years studying the human mind and emotions for my degree, my job and quite honestly for fun. I was so enthralled with it, and I always knew I was meant to do great things with the information I was just never sure of what exactly. But I also knew deep down still that all these years later, there was something more out there in the world for me.

I was working on my own self after university, slowly coming around to the idea that what was in store for me, may not be in the people I was consciously pouring myself into, and that maybe I needed to pour more into myself instead. I was also becoming aware that what was meant for me, needed to be found outside of where I was physically. That I needed to see more of the world to really get a grasp on what my place in it really was.

I sold my car, all of my belongings and without anyone else to come with I hopped on a plane to Australia to join the working holiday visa program where you travel and work. I spent a year and a half working through all my baggage and trauma while traveling solo all over Australia and New Zealand. That was the most intense time to date being within myself. Having to overcome all of the desires to hang on to all of my fear, trauma and baggage and to finally not only unpack but give it all away, for free. I steadily realised that I no longer needed any of it, it was not useful for me, and it was becoming too heavy.

It helped me to see that the only reason it was still there was due to my inability to let it go. That I was standing in between the me I was and the me I wanted to be. Feeling guilty about divorcing myself to become my authentic self and too afraid of success to move. So, I finally did what I needed to do and three years later, I am waiting for residency…gotten married to the lady of my dreams, living beachside with our cat and dog, right smack in the middle of best life.

It was hard to get to where I am at today, before moving overseas and since being here. I practice self-discipline on a regular daily basis. I find myself struggling still with things, so to be living in congruency I continue to get coached my own self, exercising daily my mind and my body. In the last year, I have watched seminars and webinars…read countless books and watched videos as well as taken certification classes. Everyday working on myself and my relationships with others, while I work hard on becoming the coach others need me to be.

Amongst all the sober greatness and living my best life, the universe helped me decide exactly what I was meant to do with all of my knowledge and want to change the world. And I decided to become a therapist of Alternative Medicine (but honestly this was the first medicine before Western Medicine) We’ve all got to start somewhere.

I was once drowning my sorrows in tequila living on people’s couches and now I am living a conscious, loving, honest life where I honour my needs and my boundaries getting to help others discover themselves and do the same.

I share this story with you not to brag about where I am at now, or to make you feel sorry for my past. I am proud of it, and how far I have come. I share this with you to express how much pain and sorrow and lack of understanding ruled my life once. How all of those feelings and lack of perspective have changed and how if I could do it, then you can too.

There is nothing wrong with what you are doing, as society likes to find every way possible to make us feel inadequate. But if there is a large ditch between who you are now, and who you want to be…let me help you find your way through it.