What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a tool we use to bypass the clients conscious mind and it gives us the access to use suggestions with the subconscious mind. It can be done directly, indirectly and with feedback or without. It has many different forms based on the practitioner, and for my practice I use a variance of what is called; The Swan, Trance and Past Life Regression Therapy.

If we were to use information based off of the great Sigmund Freud who studied and developed his theories by breaking down the human mind into three separate sections.

What is the Conscious Mind? Literally everything we are actually AWARE of. Like how this keyboard feels under my fingers or the fact that it is quite muggy this afternoon as I write this and I can feel the water in the air as we wait on a storm.

What is the Subconscious? It defines all reactions and automatic actions we can become aware of if we think about them. For example, once you become good at something like breathing…driving a car…playing guitar you no longer consciously think about the actions needed to perform the task, and that is your subconscious doing its job properly.

What is the Unconscious Mind? It is the part that stores all of our past memories, experiences and no matter how hard you try you cannot access it and bring things up on your own. Like, what did it feel like to be born, what it felt like to take your first breath or cry.

Now, for me I did not start out as a hypnotist. I started out as a flower delivery kid of all things, who stumbled upon a group home for adults with psychiatric needs one day when I was delivering a bouquet of flowers. I took one step into that place and absolutely KNEW I belonged there, and yes perhaps in more ways than one as I would later discover and find my way out of. The point being from that moment forward I became even more obsessed than I was prior to that with the human mind. Once upon a time I wanted to be a forensic psychologist and interview serial killers for a living because I just wanted to understand how their mind worked.

After working in a psych ward for awhile, I actually began to run a sister home of the one I started at. Which then led to a clinical setting in a hospital as a psychiatric intake person and then that led to working on the emergency ward for psychiatric melt downs and breakthroughs, and then I found my way into domestic violence and became a case manager for women of violent crimes.

I tell you all this just to give you a bit of background on what led me to hypnosis and becoming a hypnotist. I have always been fascinated with the human mind and the 3 section breakdown as well as how we are all SO SIMILAR but yet so vastly different.

What is The Swan? Pictured below this is a snapshot of me in action with another person doing what is called The Swan. The Swan is a tool that Bob Burns developed that allows us to speak WITH the subconscious mind rather than to it. It is like an ideomotor response but very different as it can be very expressive as well as you can get it to induce trance, walk, talk, dance or sing amongst many other things. It is a somewhere between a hypnotic process, a hypnotic phenomenon and an ideomotor response. With this tool, the client is fully conscious and fully aware. It is quite an amazing tactic as it allows us to get direct access to the subconscious, and unconscious mind and allows us to get the truth of the matters at hand rather than what our conscious mind has decided the truth may be. More often than not, people are admittedly surprised to find out the answers that lie beneath the surface of their conscious minds. This tool also allows us to make massive change at a quicker rate than trance work, as we are speaking with the parts of you that want to help, are causing the problem or know who or what is.

What is Trance? Trance is a hypnotic state that we can get into, whether it has been introduced by a practitioner or it is the everyday types of trance we naturally get into. It can be brought on by a hypnotist through mesmerism, progressive muscle relaxation, rapid induction or by using a confusing induction tactic. There are many ways to bring on trance, and there are many things that trance is supremely useful for. For me, I tend to use your swan to help deepen trances to get more answers, response and change for you.

What is Past Life Regression? This is a technique I use to help uncover possible past life memories from your unconscious mind. It is a trance like/meditative state in which we go on a journey together to where your unconscious mind feels like you are ready to go and uncover the memories that are there. A past life regression is mainly for fun, and can be used for therapy for those who feel like they have been carrying around things in this life from a life before this one.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not participate in hypnosis to uncover current life memories…as I truly believe that the subconscious mind and unconscious mind’s very first rule and task is to KEEP YOU SAFE. If you are struggling to remember memories, there are probably very good reasons for it, and I do not interact with hypnosis for that purpose.

What types of problems can hypnosis help with? Hypnosis can treat things such as anxiety, food related issues, sleeping problems, addiction (to anything), bad habits in general including but not limited to: nail biting, insomnia, relying on food for comfort or punishment etc. It can help with motivating someone, or understanding “inner demons”. There is a wide array of things that hypnosis is used to help treat. Especially with the swan and not limiting yourself to purely trance work. With the swan you can speak directly to absolutely any part inside of someone that needs help, wants to help, has questions or answers.

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